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Styling & Design


Event styling isn't just something that is seen as a luxury anymore for those marrying in grand houses, or for marquee weddings where guest numbers are in the hundreds. If we have learnt anything from the past year through COVID in regard to wedding design, it is that event styling for any event is all about the beautiful details no matter the size or budget of the event. 

It is about removing the logistical hair-pulling associated with making your venue fit for purpose, and transforming it into your space filled with love, joy and sheer beauty ... without the nightmare of actually having to do it yourself.

Often you only get access to a wedding venue on the day of the wedding itself within busy times of the event calendar. You may be able to book your wedding venue for a long weekend to allow you early access (winner!) or you may be in luck and there isn't a wedding the night before.  But, what if your venue isn't able to accommodate this and you end up arriving on the morning of your wedding with last nights confetti still needing to be swept away as you greet the bleary-eyed newlyweds whilst they collect their decor from yesterdays celebrations... (not so fun!)


 The morning of your wedding should be about you and your family, friends and those special people helping you get ready. If you stick to tradition and don't see one another before 'I do', the on the day styling is always a tricky one... trust your other half with your carefully curated moodboard, or do it yourself and you can end up in a sweaty mess. It shouldn't be about dragging chairs around a ballroom, ripping your hair out with table plans and putting the name cards in the right place, man-handling wonky candles into situ or last minute ironing of table cloths.


A stylist brings together your vision, amalgamating both of your ideas and creating a cohesive look. From the textures of the tablecloths, to the scents filling the air, to the ambience, the feel and vibe of it all. You can choose an amazing venue, but often they can be too corporate, too bare, too rustic, or too uniform. Many of my couples have a specific look in mind, and the venue itself although beautiful, may not 100% tick the entire vision. From changing the chairs, to upgrading linen, to bringing in different coloured glassware, tableware and creating chill out zones.


You may have your Pinterest board covered, but no clue where to start or how much it will cost. This is where a stylist can help. Building the day, the look, the feel and keeping you as on track as possible with your spending whilst finding you suppliers to work with. Or if you have everything sorted, but don't trust Aunt Muriel and your bezzie to make sure it all looks perfect, bring in a professional like me!

Styling can be split into two simple options:

On the Day Set Up

Styling Help, Supplier Sourcing & On the Day


On the Day Set Up is the most paired back element whereby I take your wonderful plans, your supplier contacts and bookings and we chat through the styling of your ceremony and venue spaces. On the day I then put this into places.

The second option can be tailored to your budget as well as level of support you need. Within this you can have access to my knowledge and bespoke design service. I will curate and craft your styling for your wedding after a very in-depth questionnaire and meeting with you. I will create a budget, source suppliers to whom will match and meet the budget requirements and bring together your styling with a moodpboard, floorpan and run of the day. I will then be there on the day to make sure it all goes to plan as well as liaise with your suppliers to make sure they are there, know what they need to do as well as bring your style and personality to a venue.

Investments - prices start from £650

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Whatever the size of your wedding, and whatever the stage you are presently at, a stylist can help you work through your ideas and create a cohesive, beautiful look that removes the stress.

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