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Wedding Planning

Event coordination conjures many pictures in my head, from Jennifer Lopez running around with a clipboard and headset in the film Wedding Planner to hundreds of checklists... but ultimately the biggest image that springs to my mind are the faces of my happy couples on the day of their wedding.

I have worked with some lovely couples to bring their wedding day to life, from the initial conversation, ironing out their timings (or in some cases completely scrapping them and starting again!) and being there on the day to make sure everyone stands in the right place, the suppliers are happy and ready and the day goes smoothly.


I find that planning a wedding brings up a whole load of new words and vocabulary that you never thought you were going to need to know, or use. (Also things you never thought you would worry over, you now find yourself making hundreds of reminders on post-it notes and on your phone!) But one of the words to decipher is that of a wedding day coordinator, wedding planner, wedding designer, and venue wedding planner/coordinator... because there is a difference. Head over to this blog to read more on the big differences.

I have been a qualified full wedding planner, designer, and coordinator for a number of years and throughout this time have worked on some amazing days and weekends. I love bringing together your ideas, suppliers and creating and creating something elegant and beautiful that matches your personality. I can pull suppliers should you be uncertain where to turn, I have a little black book of recommendations and will be able to share these with you. 

Elements that I offer at present for your wedding planning journey are as follows:

Pre Wedding Support & 1-2-1 Sessions

Since I started, I have taken on lots of lovely weddings offering full, partial, and on the day support, however found that I really loved the process of planning pre:wedding, creating the perfect logistical timeline and taking the pressure off the couple ahead of the day. I love supporting the couple in the run up to, taking the supplier stress of their hands and managing all the little elements ahead of the day. 

Either through individually booked one -to- one sessions or through a package, I can help unpack the wedding planning journey and make it a simpler one. If you need help in the lead up to, supplier sourcing or just need a sound board to bounce ideas off of, this is where my years of experience can come into play. 

I can also build your logistics, your timeline and manage suppliers for you in the lead up to your wedding day.

These sessions are meant to be tailored to whatever it is you need - so please do get in touch as I am sure it is something I can do to help alleviate the pressures of your wedding planning time.

On the Day Coordination

I love on the day - seeing the happy couple coming down the aisle, their friends and family joyous with happy wishes and Prosecco. In the lead up to with this package, you get 4 weeks of support from myself before the wedding. I take over supplier contact, manage your run of the day and make sure your timeline is looking spot on, then on the day, myself or one of my Associate Freelance Wedding Planners will be there on the day to put the carefully created plans into action.

Investment starts from £1000

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Whatever the size of your wedding, and whatever the stage you are presently at, a wedding coordinator can help you work through your ideas and create a cohesive, beautiful look that removes the stress.

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To find out more get in touch

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