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Wet, Wet, Wet.... On Your Wedding Day

Wet Wet Wet....

Well the rain is pouring down and rivers are running in the road - and it's August can you believe!? I'm going to explore what you can do morning of your wedding should the heavens open!

Who would have thought that a weekend in August is going to be a bit of a wash out?! Who could have predicted it? 

But you've opened your curtains on your wedding day expecting sunshine and birds singing (like in the Disney films!) but you are greeted with dark clouds, puddles pooling and a sense of dread for your outdoor reception... eek!

Hopefully you and your venue will have discussed a solid contingency plan and this will be being activated and put in motion as you sip your bubbles getting ready.

But should you be in a situation where your contingency is looking like a sheet of paper in a storm: see-through, useless and soaked then that is where you need to get your team on the go!

Source A Roof

Consider getting in touch with your marquee company *if you have one* and ask for another gazebo or tent. Hit the shops, Argos and places such as Homebase will have some gazebos rather inexpensively to put up that will house your guests at your drinks reception, or if you risked dinner alfresco, invest in a few bigger ones to fit tables under. 

If it is looking like a tidal monsoon rather than a spot of English drizzle, then it may be time to really hit the yellow pages or google, calling up local bars, cafes or restaurants.. you would be surprised how you may be able to find a super last minute space at a local village hall! Once booked - delegate! Get your bridesmaids, family, ushers etc on the job to get all the tables, decorations and to rebrief the catering team, photographer and florist. The earlier the better! This is where your wedding planner/co-ordinator really can be your true Fairy Godmother!


You may have invested in some beautiful satin sandals, but on a day where the rain is running to meet your toes, you may find it a little more practical to walk around in boots, wellies or trainers. Save your special heels for your first anniversary and save them from the rain!


It begs the question, but if you have a few knocking around don't forget to take them! If not for you dashing from the car to the ceremony room, then for guests who have travelled from out of town where it may not have been raining - no one likes to sit in soggy clothes for the day.

Sense of Humour

Don't forget your sense of humour... My gosh. You cannot and will not be able to control the situation anymore than where you get married, who you get married to and the day! The weather is something that is natural, normal and totally out of your hands - so enjoy it. Remember it is your day as a couple, and the most important element is that by the end of it you will be married! 

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