• Lauren Alexander

2019 - Oh what a year!

As we move into the next year, I think it is always important to reflect back on where the year began.

2019 started with a bang as I was celebrating my own honeymoon with a tour around Malaysia. We started in Singapore and drove around, seeing incredible architecture, colours, eating delicious food, partaking in the odd tea ceremony here and there and cooking classes!

We started the 2019 with big shiny deely boppers on my head, enjoying a live band on a beach in Langkawi marvelling at the swirling, popping and big bright bursts of dazzling fireworks..... a few weeks later and bang crash wallop, I'm elbows deep in beautiful wedding planning, mood boards, fabric swatches and continuing to master creating 3D floorplans.

January and February was filled with planning a Jane Austen Editorial shoot for March as well as meeting with my 2019 couples. April, May, June were finalising the plans for a number of weddings in the Summer and it really kicked off the end of May! In quick procession, the summer flew by as each lovely couple were married and their days gone without a hitch. Only until a few weeks ago has it truly slowed down with weddings, and I have moved back into consultations and meetings with next years (and the year afters!) couples.... a cyclical process which I absolutely love... I have a thing with circles... I just love the connotations you get with circles. It is signified with nature, mother earth, time, karma, equality and diversity, it is reflected in the moon, the sun and planets, it represents the notions of totality, wholeness and eternity as well as timelessness and the idea of movement. As well as that deep understanding that this too shall pass and nothing ever stays the same for long...

Anyway. I digress!

I worked with some utter stars this year and I really wanted to highlight to you a few of these super suppliers as I know it can be rather daunting when you are looking at all these quotes, all these suppliers and just feel "who should I choose!?" The more I delved into this past year... the more suppliers I just wanted to shout about... so excuse the length of this post! - But is it soo worth it... although as a side note (I am writing this bit after I have done this post!) it is so long and may take an age to load so may be better on your desktop!


Jasper and Quinn

I've worked with Jordan on two shoots this year and a wedding and I am already feeling lonely without her! With incredible eye, flair for juxtaposition and a positive happy person, Jordan will be able to take your wedding dreams and really bring them to life.

Below are photos captured from our two shoots *awaiting the wedding photos eagerly!*


Jordan works with some amazing florists and I've had the pleasure of working with Tina from Tina and Co Floral Design too on these weddings and shoots!


Rose and May

Felicity has such a gorgeous way to work with flowers and foliage. A lovely lady, her style is natural, relaxed yet elegant and totally seasonal which is something I love... and is why her work was incredible for this shoot!


Honeysuckle Flowers

Just such a lovely team, who remain calm under pressure and have the most beautiful selection of florals! I was obsessed with their decoration of the chuppah here, with me up a ladder placing the fabric across and them creating this beautiful meadow below, it felt magical.


Bramble and Wild

Grace is an absolute gorgeous dream! From her beautiful shop which you must go and see, to her beautiful smile. She was just a joy to work with on our top secret wedding in August! I loved finding out all about how she started, and her wonderful journey to being the award winning artisan florist she is now.



Smitten with Ink

Helene is such a gorgeous soul and star. As soon as we met online we just hit it off and I have to say it has made me so emotional watching Helene and her brand grow this past year with her launching her new website just this last month. She creates beautiful designs and is amazing at drawing beautiful pieces from nature as well as a true talent for sourcing the most gorgeous paper.


Inkflower Press

Rosie is such a warm and gorgeous individual with such a lovely talent to experiment with different mediums like vellum here. She completely captured the brief and se is such a pleasure to work with.


From Sally with Love

Fun and playful and so utterly fabulous, Sally has such a unique style and I love that each suite she creates has something secret within. Sally went above and beyond and experimented with this stunning welcome sign she designed then had printed on fabric. You simply must get in touch and see all of her beautiful artwork too!


Dot the I Atelier

Sarah is amazing - she created my sign for my wedding styling and she worked with me on my first editorial shoot. She has such a great eye for design, colour and brings such joy and passion to her designs.


Meticulous Ink

Athena is so lovely! She is a superstar and when my couple in August's printer fell ill and was unable to print their on the day stationery the week of their wedding, Athena and her gorge team stepped up! Her enthusiasm and positivity shines, and she is generous with her time - what more could you want! Oh she also has a gorge shop in Bath, plus some exquisite printers! Sadly unable to show you the lovely stationery from the day - but go onto their website and see some lovely examples!


Lucky Ink Press

I seriously loved the gold pops and 70s disco vibes of S&B's stationery and it was so much fun pulling together the table plan. Explore more on Holly's gorge website!


Hair and Makeup

Shelley Gordon Makeup

I trusted Shelley with my own face and hair for my own day, and I would trust her with everyone and anyone's. She is an absolute star, using gorgeous products, an accomplished and practised hand, and a warm genuine heart. She will make you look natural, and beautiful - something that if you struggle with confidence is a huge deal. I love her greatly!