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S & B's Stunning Day at Bath Assembly Rooms

Oooh weee! This is actually the sound I made when I saw the photos from S & B's stunning wedding at Bath Assembly Rooms!

I was so so so excited to be part of their planning and styling, their day and literally their lives. Such fabulous, fun and kind-hearted individuals, their day was full of love, glitter and just absolutely unadulterated joy.

My first Jewish wedding, to not only attend, but to plan, I learnt so much and it was a blast. From helping put together the chuppah, balancing on ladders to wrap the fabric over the roof to meeting with the Rabbi and making sure he had absolutely all he needs, the day was a real pleasure to be a part of. I learnt about Circling, as well as Sheva B'rachot or Seven Blessings. I got a little nervous when the Israeli dancing started, and The Hora as the chandeliers at the Bath Assembly Rooms are worth £1.5million a piece.... but all went absolutely smashing - as well as, of course, the smashing of the glass!

All the gorgeous details on the tables made me smile, and something that I loved was that they used images of themselves on their table numbers showing the age they were that matched the table number. Each table had a head of the table, which I loved, making sure everyone drank, had a blast, played games and got each person on the table involved.

The best part though was the dancing, the joy and the gorgeous, intimate and hilarious speeches. S&B were the absolute perfect couple, full of love for everyone else, but most importantly one another.

Here are some of my fave shots from the gorgeous wedding. The photographer was Bert Palmer, a rare gem of a photographer and the florist was Honeysuckle Flowers who created just the most insane floral arrangements.

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