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A Beautiful Intimate Bath Wedding

Holly got in touch with me a few months ago as she actually lives very close to me. Her and Adam were having a small, intimate wedding and they only needed a buttonhole and bridal bouquet for their wedding day. I don’t often take on smaller wedding orders like this, but I couldn’t resist as their colour scheme and whole autumnal vibe was just magical. I absolutely love the colours, the tones, the textures and the completely unique versions of flowers come autumn, and this was no different.

- Jessie Emily Photography-

A few weeks before the wedding, Holly and Adam had chosen their wedding reception venue, the beautiful and historic Royal Crescent Hotel. If Bath can offer you anything, it is insanely beautiful architecture and the Royal Crescent is at the top of the highlights to see in Bath. Nestled in the middle, is this beautiful hotel which might look like a townhouse from the outside, but it’s scale and luxury is so misleading as you enter the lobby. Casting your eyes forward through a back door, you can glimpse a lovely garden and beyond their stunning spa and restaurant. A week or so before the wedding, the lovely couple asked if I could also create a small centrepiece for their wedding table. It was an absolute pleasure and such a super excuse to use my Gaia footed vessel which I had been longing to do for a few months. (I had only bought one to see what they were like before investing, and of course they are gorgeous, but now they are on backorder and the waiting list is so long so I am just making do with the one at the moment!)

- Jessie Emily Photography-

Holly & Adam, held their ceremony at the Guildhall, and then spent their afternoon in the gorgeous park adjacent. Sipping champagne with their nearest and dearest and enjoying a divine cake!

- Jessie Emily Photography -

While they were enjoying the September sunshine, I was decorating the library in the Royal Crescent Hotel. A small yet beautifully styled space which is complimentary of the Georgina era, yet still with a modern twist. Books lined the walls either side of a grand fireplace and in the middle of the room where usually stands a deep and cushty sofa, was a round table set for 11.

Crisp white linens and sparkly shiny cutlery were laid and all I had to do was place their autumnal and wild centrepiece in the middle. The centrepiece was filled with just the most stunning florals and foliage that the autumn season has to offer. I was mightily excited by this wedding as nothing at all was shipped over from the wholesalers and everything was grown within 10 miles of Bath. Some from my back garden, some from my allotment, some foraged on a walk and some from my amazing British flowers growers local to me.

Trailing honeysuckle, lisianthus, cosmos, creme brulee phlox, echinops, and lots of different styles of dahlias alongside some fir tree boughs were used to create the centrepiece. In the garden I had some japanese quince which I snipped with the fruit attached and laid this on the table for interest, as well as some berries too which again created a wild, forest feel.

I had some leftover flowers and didn’t want them to go to waste, so I brought with me my vintage stoneware ink pots and coloured glass bottles to create a stunning fireplace arrangement and a little console table also got the treatment!

The bouquet used similar flowers and a big cafe au lait dahlia was a centre piece, alongside deep purple, red and orange pom pom dahlias, red roses with eucalyptus to add texture and definition. Trailing honeysuckle with its ’black berries still attached added form and cosmos, ammi and sanguisorba created that little extra movement and fun that is so special to my bouquets.

“The table and room looked incredible last night. I had no idea you would set all of the candles up as well, thank you so much. I was fully expecting just to quickly do it when we arrived. It was all so beautiful.“

- Jessie Emily Photography -

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