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On The Day Wedding Coordinator

You have done an amazing job, arranging a wedding is a true feat of ingenuity, organisation and juggling budgets, spreadsheets, supplier contacts and quotes. You can almost see the finish line, but then you think about the day and worry about how all your hard work will come together whilst you are greeting people, and hell, getting married!

Here are a few reasons why bringing an On the Day Wedding Co-ordinator is well worth that extra expenditure.

Chill Time!

Those last weeks will feel like a blur and after a years worth of planning don't you deserve a little time to just chill out?! A planner who is going to co-ordinate your day will need to get involved a few weeks before your big day, usually around 4-6 weeks prior in order to become familiar with all of your plans.

Your suppliers will start to get in contact with you within these last few weeks, and this can start to elevate stress levels as you are pulled in all directions. Each coordinator will offer slightly different services, but with our On the Day package we always include supplier introductions and scheduling as well as a schedule for the events themselves - e.g. who, when, what and when?

By liaising with your venue and suppliers on your behalf you get back that valuable time to enjoy your engagement and the exciting moments before your wedding.

Keeping Everything on Track!

Through talking with suppliers and your venue, the creation of a comprehensive timeline of your day, including all of the behind the scenes tasks will allow you to feel comfortable, confident and in control! The best element though - totally discreet handling of any unexpected eventualities so you don't have to worry about missing chairs, napkins, late caterers or poorly musicians!

Set Up and Decoration

As part of On the Day Coordination, the remainder of venue set up includes table plans, decoration, lighting and music, ensuring the ambience and room is exactly how you envisaged. If you book the styling package too, or bring in another stylist, then this will all be created months ahead so that you can put all your thoughts and vision to paper, mood boards and everything will be spotless.

Most couples have personal decoration and little touches to make it just that little bit more unique. Bespoke favours, DIY photo booth corners, or maybe a children's entertainment room - there could be a number of things that you need putting out and you, your mum or your bridesmaids should be focusing on getting ready and enjoying your morning!

Depending on your venue, you may have an in-house coordinator who is willing to do this for you, but do check before as it isn't always a given.

If your venue doesn't have a coordinator as is often the case with marquee weddings, you are very likely to need that help, support and organisation on the day.

Working With Your Venue

Most venue coordinators are primarily going to be concerned with all of the aspects that you have agreed directly with the venue (perhaps catering, use of spaces etc) and not necessarily everything else (decorations, supplier scheduling and arrivals etc). 

So by bringing in a wedding co-ordinator who is familiar with all of your wedding plans is the ideal person to work closely with your venue co-ordinator who has all the expert knowledge of the venue. Together you have a team who will look after you and your wedding expertly.

Toast Mastering

If you have a shy Best Man or perhaps don't fancy an MC, your co-ordinator should be on hand to not only act as Toast Master but also make other announcements, co-ordinate the order of events including ceremony, wedding breakfast, speeches, cake cutting and first dance.

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