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Meditation and Weddings: Why it might be key to the best wedding ever.

Since the beginning of human existence there has been some form of wedding and union between one another. However, I don't suppose our earliest ancestor had the pleasure of dealing with florists, suppliers, contracts, vendors, budgeting, planning, logistics and whether or not their aunt should sit next to their estranged uncle or not.

Weddings in essence are a beautiful union between two sets of people, between families, friends and stripping it right back, should be a simple and happy moment. Nevertheless, as humans have grown, developed and evolved, we have also created this penchant for more complicated weddings and unions.

As such the stress of the day can sometimes grow, develop and evolve, threatening to engulf the happy day in a cloud of gloom. Now, have no fear, there is something we can do whilst juggling our full time jobs, kids, the house, our relationships not just with our families but also each other, and that is meditate.

Meditation has been practised for centuries and it provides space to still the mind, and let go of thoughts, constraints, perceptions that crowd our mind. Put the cake maker to the side, the florist details to the back of your mind and the photobooth timings on hold. Mediation is proven to help with better sleep, weight loss, stress, blood pressure and anxiety - the bed fellows of some wedding planning journeys. The ability to press pause on the world, focusing on the one thing at time, it'll help you keep all those little details in perspective.

There are a few different methods of meditation, one of which is using the mudra position. Mudra means seal or closure in Sanskrit and by practising this it can seal energy into the body allowing it conduct the flow in a certain direction. Different areas of the hands relate to areas in the brain and mudra's are said to create a specific energy circuit in the body to help generate a specific state of mind.

The universe is said to be made of five elements, and each of your five finders represents a different element.

  • The thumb represents the fire element and universal consciousness

  • The index finger represents the air element and individual consciousness

  • The middle finger akasha (space) or connection

  • The ring finger represents the earth element

  • The little finger represents the water element

Gyana or Chin MudraThis is a classic mudra for mediation and is performed by bringing the tip of the thumb and index finger together. The nail of your index finger should touch the pad of your thumb and as your palms face upwards your other fingers open. This symbolises a unity of fire and air and helps increase concentration, creativity and knowledge - perfect for those mundane wedding tasks!

Anjali MudraThis is popularly known as prayer pose and is performed by bringing the palms together in front of your heart space, touch your thumbs gently toy our sternum and fingers pointing upwards. The hands together represents balance and harmony, expressing love, gratitude, humility and popularly combined with the Namaste greeting.

Set your timer for 3 minutes, find a chair or a couch or pillow to sit on, get into a comfortable position and inhale through your nose. On the inhale, think of something you want to bring into your life, and then exhale slowly through your mouth thinking of what you want to let go. In other words, inhale love, and exhale stress.

There is always ways to deal with stress through the wedding planning process, whether that is through meditation, or perhaps hiring someone to aid with your journey, talking with someone going through your worries, concerns and ideas is always a great way of moving forward with positivity and love.

Mudra information adapted from Dawattie Basdeo –

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