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Keep Calm & Breathe

Hello, bonjour, hola, guten tag!

I hope you are well and having the very best of weeks.

Not another one of those blog posts aye! Well, so far, I've resisted adding to the overwhelming amount of information surrounding Coronavirus, mostly because well, none of us knows for certain what is right or wrong in terms of advice to give.

I've been having some really interesting, open and honest conversations with my couples recently in the wake of all this and it has been rather eye-opening, daunting and incredibly distressing for some of my lovely couples who have had to postpone. I think perhaps it is the uncertainty that is causing a lot of the worry, that and the media.

Now we have no Brexit to fill our news channels this is the next headline act and with that, and all the distress that it is causing the world, it is adding to the humongous anxiety that seems to be bubbling away, growing and swelling till it could become all-consuming. And hey, isn't wedding planning pretty stressful already?!

But I'm not winging into your inbox to go over old ground, pontificate over what could have been and what will be, instead I thought I'd pop in to say hi.

How are you?

Are you okay?

Do you need anything?

I want to help. I want to listen. I want to help navigate you in this time, answer any questions, worries, thoughts. Create an action plan, contingency and bring you some joy. We all don't necessarily know what is going on as yet, let's work on this day by day, but at the same time don't sit on your worries without voicing.

We have had a few postponements ourselves in terms of a few weddings and this is understandable. But talk to us, talk to your suppliers, talk to your venue, your family and rather than let is get on top of you, let's work together, breathe and rather than cancelling, postponing is such a good option at present.

If it is possible, go outside into nature, spend some time breathing in around you, the plants, the trees. Remind yourself and notice nature starting to flourish around you - spring isn't cancelled and we will get there.

I promise you.

Switch off your social media, switch off the news, stop reading those articles and allow yourselves a break.

Take time to reset from the media.


So if you want to chat about anything, head to the contact me page!


We have just launched two new elements to our services! What with us not being able to see you lovely people in person I have launched The Virtual Assistant Sessions and The Virtual Planner... both of which are great for those that need support in the run-up to but not on the day - totally affordable and perfect to squeeze into your jam-packed schedules and is all done over the phone and our laptops!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a few links that might make you smile as so often we are bombarded with the negative news, and we often forget there are some real positive pieces out there for us to smile about - and if in doubt let's just watch some puppies playing...

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