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"Don't Say Wedding!" 4 Supplier Myths Debunked!

Ever heard or been told not to tell people that you are looking for quotes for a wedding for fear they will bump up the prices - well you're not the only one!

Wedding suppliers can sometimes get a bad rap, especially when it comes to pricing but we are here to debunk these wedding myths that are so often said with good intention, but perhaps not with good evidence.

MYTH ONE - You'll end up being charged more for your cake, flowers, stationery, food etc if you say it is for a wedding....

The Truth:

You might potentially think that with the prices your quoted they may be slightly higher than expected or inflated, but actually these rates are on par with those in the event industry, be that a birthday or a wedding. Most of these lovely vendors could be smaller businesses and this is their bread and butter. Being skilled in their field and loving their work, you will hopefully see where the money is going. However, prices may increase if you are working to a tight deadline, a complex and more time-consuming order or more expensive raw materials.

MYTH TWO - Don't tell your suppliers your budget incase they increase the rate

The Truth:

It's so important to find a wedding vendor and supplier whom you trust and who you feel you can be honest with. Get a funny feeling when you walk into a bridal boutique? Perhaps find somewhere else. Trust that gut feeling as it is so often right, and could save you from some tricky and awkward situations. You want to be able to trust your supplier enough to tell them your budget. It is always a good idea to be honest about what you have budgeted so that you don't take up your precious wedding planning time with suppliers who may be a little too out of your budget, but also suppliers will appreciate your honesty and work with you to find the most amazing solution and save you money!

MYTH THREE - Wedding DIY will save you so much money and time

The Truth:

I love wedding DIY and think it such a great way of making your day personal and bespoke, however there is a huge common misconception that going DIY will save you money. Making your own invitations and on the day stationery can be a huge drain on your time, as well as your purse as no matter what you think it will cost, always double, if not triple it! Suppliers can buy their raw materials in bulk and via wholesale so can pass on any savings through to you, however if you are a crafty genius and love getting hands-on then go forth! If you have time, and enjoy it, start your crafting as soon as possible to give you enough time to get it completed and enjoy the process.

MYTH FOUR - Photographers are too expensive, I have a friend who can do it!

The Truth:

This could be really exciting and a really nice addition to your wedding party to incorporate a friend to help take photos, but unless they are a professional photographer this may not be the best method for saving money. So often I speak to couples about their weddings and things that they would potentially have changed and done differently, and it isn't the cake, the dress, the venue, it is the quality of their photographs.

A professional wedding photographer will know and understand the running order of the day, knowing exactly where to be at the right moments to capture the most beautiful memories. They will have a venue visit, understand how to deal with vicars and registrar's as well as have a backup camera, understand the right lighting, times of the day and not to mention those beautiful professional touch ups!

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