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Do I Really Need A Wedding or Styling Consultant?

I want a totally awesome, beautiful and fun day, oh and it must be vintage, but totally modern and maybe also Parisian. A venue in the countryside would be perfect, but not too rural, and with good transport links, and accommodation but also with incredible scenery and just feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. Where do I start?!

Whilst you may have a few ideas of your own, fabulous ideas are one thing, but finding and turning them into reality is another. Perhaps you don't have the time to pull the whole thing together and would prefer to have just one point of contact? Or maybe you are finding yourself in a Pinterest and Instagram bubble, and have found you have lost over 90 hours creating the ultimate and lust-worthy boards of inspo, but with no true planning having actually taken place.

Sound familiar? Uhuh, I've been there. I know first-hand of the juggling and struggles of balancing your work, friends, family life, wedding planning, keeping fit, oh and of course the added extras that wedding pressure can bring... hello fourth cousin I have never met before!

A wedding consultant & stylist can not only work as your personal fact & contract checker, budget tracker, inspiration giver, venue and obscure décor finder, and motivational guru, but they also can give you the confidence that as your day comes your carefully dreamed about wedding will unfold without a hitch.

Wedding Inspo bouquet
Photo: Ben Goode Photography

Dealing with table plans, marquee layouts, considering how to design the ceremony around the venues historical artefacts, or dealing with 150 RSVPs with song choices, dietary requirements and family history feuds - that isn't something you need to add to your list, but can certainly be added to your consultants.

Their role is there to allow you to relax, and let them work with your suppliers and give you the support along the way, over a cup of tea, glass of wine or perhaps slices of delicious cake. A wedding consultant is there to listen to you, your thoughts, wishes, dreams and capture both of your personalities, memories and elevate them to create the most personalised and magical experience, beautifully curated to you as a couple.

What is wonderful about the role of a wedding consultant & stylist is you may be a kick-ass planner, have spreadsheets, Gantt charts and a fabulous venue co-ordinator to keep everything on track for you, but give you some pretty flowers and a bag of candles and you are stuck. That's where the stylist side of the consultant comes in, most consultants offer you different packages, different levels of support bespoke to you and will be more than happy to tailor their services to whatever you need, wherever you are on your wedding journey... well I know I am.

Some elements that a wedding consultant & stylist can help with:

-Brainstorming and ideas

-Bespoke mood board and colour palette creation

-Budget Management

-Design and sourcing items and props to fit the style

-Vendor Relations and supplier recommendations

-Logistics & Implementation

-Stress Management

- Styling on the day as well as co-ordination

There is no ‘one size fits all’ so why not get chatting and you can see if it works for you.

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