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Catering - Quick Fire Questions

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Based on a quick Instagram story a few queries about catering has popped up! Here we go - a one-stop quick whizz to read through!

Q. What should I tell my caterer before a proposal is pulled together?

A. Before you hire a caterer there area few key pieces of information that you should consider before a formal proposal can be made.

  1. Likes and dislikes of the couple

  2. Allergens

  3. Guest numbers

  4. Beverages for the greet bar

  5. Colours of the event

  6. Type of event we are holding - corporate, relaxed, contect to the type of wedding or event planning.

  7. Guest profile - ratio of men to women to children. Age of guests, ethnicity, dietary needs

  8. Food choices: combine meat, seafood and poultry with vegetarian options. A combination of hot and cold dishes, and sweet and savoury is also advisable.

  9. Portioning - profile of guests and duration of event.

  10. Budget

Q. What should I look out for at the proposal stage or tasting menu stage?


  1. Are they taking the time to listen to your needs, wishes and worries?

  2. Are they asking you questions about your life - food you like, important moments, foods and try to create this as part of the menu to make it truly bespoke?

  3. Are they serving as though they serve at the wedding to give you a real feel for what it would be like?

  4. Are they giving you reflection time on the food?

Q. Name three trends in catering at the moment


  1. Bowl Food: Using bowl foods instead of a traditional sit down can be really a fun way to surprise guests. Bowl food is larger than a canapé and around a quarter of the size of a main course. It is served in miniature or hand-sized bowls and comes ready to eat with a small fork. The idea behind a bowl food menu is so guests can stay standing up and mingle while they eat. It has been described by caterers as an option which allows guests to "keep on talking"

  2. Global Fusion: More and more couples are looking to showcase the traditional dishes of each family's home country and we're seeing the emergence of the multicultural menu. It's great to see couples come together from completely different parts of the globe—each with their own rich culinary traditions—which can play out spectacularly in their menu requests. These menus serve as such a celebration of the couple's family history, as well as their journeys to that moment.

  3. Doughnut wall: Sweet tables are an excellent way to bring your personality to the wedding, but also keep people entertained. The donut wall is a dessert installation which is a memorable way of serving dessert that will engage your guests and look amazing.

Q. What's the difference between plated, buffet and cocktail service.


  1. Buffet: guests serve themselves and follow the service logically. Napkins and plates should be set first, then food and then glassware and flatware. Where the food is set out in a central area and people help themselves

  2. Plated meals. Waiters bring the meals to the table on plates and set them in front of each person

  3. Cocktail style. Food is served on trays by waiters, in bite-size servings

Q. What are four of the primary considerations when hiring a caterer?


  1. Cost

  2. Bring others along who will be helpful in selecting the proper foods.

  3. Pace yourself as there are many options at a taste test.

  4. Discuss particular client preferences with the caterer.

  5. Discuss alternative ingredient options with the caterer.

  6. Look for signs of freshness and quality when talking with the caterer.

  7. Ask the caterer to present the food to you the way it is to be presented at the event, reception or party.

  8. Take note of the attentiveness of the waiting staff.

  9. On or off premises caterers

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