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Capture Weddings: Supplier Love

Today on Notes From the Kitchen Table (Lauren Alexander Weddings Podcast and Blog) I have a fabulous videographer who I would really like to share with you. Her fun and relaxed documentary style is charismatic, romantic and just oh so unique. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on a beautiful elopement wedding (on Valentines Day no less!) and her work makes my heart sing. This fabulous videographer is Sally from Capture Weddings.

Capture Weddings are based in Devon, but cover all over the South West of England. Happy to travel all over the UK and the world, Sally has shot in stunning sunny Santorini and is due to shoot in the South of France - how idyllic! When asked who her ideal client would be, she said laidback and relaxed. Just like me, she loves couples who do not take themselves too seriously, ideal when capturing the portrait session and later on when you’re on the dancefloor. Trusting your suppliers is just as important as having fun with your suppliers and this is something you can truly do with Sally at your wedding.

Notes from the Kitchen Table is all about finding out how businesses started and Sally enlightened me on how Capture Weddings came about:

“I used to film nights out with friends and holidays and would share on Facebook. My films became famous on Facebook and when two of my bestest friends got married they asked me to do “one of my videos” of their wedding…”
“ I used a compact camera (which I can definitely see the limitations of now) but still created my first ever wedding film that my friends were chuffed to bits with. Then, some other friends asked me to film their wedding and that’s when I realised that I could make a living off doing the most fun job in the world.”

Her style is unique in that her editing skills are top notch. On the day she is there in the background capturing those little glances, smiles, blushes and the love and then when she is back home that’s when the magic happens on her computer, sitting with her cat on her lap whilst drinking copious amounts of tea. “Creating the story of your day, using a few cinematic tricks, is my strongest skill and what you’re investing in. Anyone can shoot a wedding, the real art is in the edit and creating an emotive memory of your most special day.”

Weddings are such a special and beautiful time, and being captured on film is something that I really wish I had done. When my husband and I got married we toyed with the prospect, but with our budget becoming a little stretched we decided against it. We were so wrong to do that! Our photographs were beautiful, but there is so much more which video captures. Each and every wedding I work on that has a videographer gets me so excited.

Sally put it beautifully when I asked why she enjoys doing what she does:

“I live for the reactions I get when I deliver my films. I’m a bag of nerves when sending off the films and then when the calls/messages come back of how much they love it, the (good) tears, how they can’t stop watching it - it’s the BEST feeling. I get completely emotionally involved with my couples and their day so for them to be so thankful is the best reward!”

Doesn’t that just sound wonderful! The passion behind Capture Weddings is palpable and is exactly what you want on your day, and the type of supplier I love working with. She is best known for being friendly and fitting into her couples’ day like a friend. Her shooting style is unobtrusive which I think is perfect - especially for registrars or church weddings as they often worry about photographers or videographers being too close.

As Sally put it when asked she fits into your wedding day “Perfectly like a guest with a camera. I try to shoot people when they are unaware. You will not find me bossing people around and directing too much. I prefer to let things unfold naturally. I don’t want my couples to feel overly posed either so I try to let things unfold naturally. I’m more of a “guys, come stand over here by this pretty fountain and have a quiet moment while I film you”.

Weddings are so much fun and everyone has their own favourite elements of the day. Sally’s is the party time! “ I love the evening ‘do’. I literally get butterflies of excitement before the first dance because I know from then on the fun starts!”

Another part of the day is the speeches! “I’m a sensitive and emotional soul and you’ll often see me shed a tear during speeches along with the rest of you. I often get goosebumps when I watch the footage back, so can only imagine how it must feel to my couples. I think that’s why creating wedding films comes so naturally to me because I connect with my couples, it feels so personal to me too”.

Having filmed so many gorgeous weddings I asked Sally her opinion on one element that couples could potentially lose from their wedding day. With budgets increasing, and couples feeling like they are keeping up with the Jones’ I wanted to find out what she thought:

“Table favours - I see these as a waste of money and mostly they get left on the tables. The best anti-table favours I’ve seen were x3 2p pieces sprayed gold for guests to play spoof with. They were wrapped in pretty little hessian bags tied with colour coordinated ribbon/lace so looked great on the table and of course, the guest playing spoof looked great on their wedding film too.”

In fact, Sally has some great advice for newly engaged couples who are wondering where to start! When considering your budget think about a few key things that mean something to you, by investing a good proportion of your budget on things that last after your wedding you will not just have it for more than one day but be able to use it or watch it again and again. This is one of the reasons why film is so important, so make sure you pick an established professional whose style you adore.

I just love how invested Sally becomes in her weddings, that to me shows that she truly understands her couples, their family and friends and their special day. I really like and was impressed to hear that all of Capture Wedding’s films are delivered digitally so there is no plastic or waste packaging in her product. So if you are looking for a snowboarding, music festival going cat and rugby-loving foodie who also just happens to be an amazing videographer then certainly go give Capture Weddings a call, visit the website or find on social.

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