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Behind the Scenes: The Look - Tropicana Wedding

Featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Danielle from Hause of O

When I received the brief of Jungle Fun I knew the shoot was going to be epic! I wanted to create something that would blend naturally with the gorgeous vibrant colours that were the inspiration for each creative involved. The outfits needed to compliment not clash so I started with muted tones to really help those bright hues pop. Giving a relaxed but modern feel the looks were born. Such a Funky shoot to be part of it was awesome to be involved with so many artists keen to bring their style to life.

This was paired effortlessly with a handpainted leather jacket from Rock Paper Nib who create absolutely stunning pieces totally bespoke to you and your wedding dreams.

We wanted to create bold looks, deep colours with the makeup and our makeup artist was incredle with the detail. Sarah from Hepcats of Nam was our hair stylist and she created bold, whimsical and strong looks to mimic the shoot. Utilising To Be Adorned’s stunning hand-crafted bespoke hair accessories throughout we were able to create two very different yet complimentary looks. First a regal, lioness with raffia crown, and secondly a playful curly bob with Frida Kahlo inspired pom pom headband. We wanted to inspire our brides that although the natural look is gorgeous, you can be playful on your wedding day too!

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