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Behind the scenes: The Flowers & Cake - Tropicana Wedding

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Featured over on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings...

Jordan from Jasper and Quinn:

Working with Lauren to bring a slice of jungle into Tortworth Court was a real privilege. In the planning process, we both kept earthing at the idea of strong, bold styling, with powerful yet effortlessly beautiful feminine essence threaded through. I used big waxy leaves to form a luscious base for our florals, including monstera, banana leaf and philodendron, which give a glossy sheen and ooze hydration into any setting. These leaves are so much larger than ‘normal’ foliage and are as important to showcase as the florals, as opposed to being a simple backdrop for them. Then came the florals with the hues inspired by Frida Kahlo self-portraits – none of the colours matched as such, but were naturally occurring bright and deep oranges, teamed with pale lilacs, rich reds, peaches and creams. Birds of paradise, proteas, hanging orchids and anthurium were among the tropical blooms showcased in this shoot. The styling of the florals was bold yet defined – from the table centres to the bouquets, I let the blooms and leaves speak for themselves, attempting to team the unpredictability of the direction of growth of the jungle, with the predictability of bountiful flora. We were so lucky to work with When Charlie Met Hannah for the shoot and they headed up the photography and videography, creating these exceptional images, capturing the fun of the day.

Kate from Kate's Homemade Cakes:

With such a clever theme for the shoot, I had so many ideas for the cake designs. My first design was inspired by more of a traditional wedding cake, with 4 equal tiers covered in white fondant. I wanted to add a twist for this design basing the cake on a rustic jungle feel, which led to incorporating the criss-cross twine detail and the small gold pineapple motifs across the cake tiers. I loved using the hoop for this design as it framed the cake beautifully, by attaching the fresh flowers to the hoop it made a real feature of the space.
My second cake design had a much more vibrant, abstract feel, incorporating fuchsia pinks and flamingos. I decided to use different height tiers to give the cake a more modern feel. I always felt the main feature of this design should be the “brush stroke” flamingo feathers trailing across the two tiers. But By including some hand stencilling too it really added a pop of colour.
To Be Adorned’s handmade cake toppers were created to add the cherry on top of this stunning cake, and were a playful and bespoke way of showing love.

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