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Awesome ways to incorporate heather

We love heather, the colours, the warmth, the history and just how beautiful it can look. ⠀ ⠀ Introducing heather into your weddings is so easy and simple, stylish and inexpensive as well as lucky.The word Heather is thought to come from the word ‘haeddre’ which dates back to the 14th Century. Known for flourishing in wet weather - perfect for positive bride even if a spot of rain comes her way!

Here are some ways you can add some Highland luck into your day!⠀ ⠀

In the Scottish borders, white heather is added to a brides bouquet for good luck. Buttonholes with heather look stunning, mix with rosemary for a gorgeous and heady touch.⠀

You can use dried heather in place of confetti. Or dried perhaps within your bridal hair comb or floral crown?⠀

Create gorgeous live centrepieces that guests can then take home, or daintily place a sprig in your guests place for a bit of luck too. Press heather and leaves and then use these in your crafts, perhaps gluing to the inside of a jam jar, or perhaps using some within your invitations.⠀

Using heather for favours can be great - make your own soap, then maybe add some oats and perhaps whiskey?! Why not try making your own candles too?

Or perhaps you have fallen in love with this colour and are really wanting to incorporate into your colour scheme. What better way than with your bridesmaids?

This is a colour that will bring warmth as well as a very flattering shade for all.

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