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Abbey Barnes HMUA: The Colour Purple Shoot

Abbey Barnes worked on the Colour Purple styled shoot I organised in October 2018, she has an amazing style, is so lovely to work with and is so professional. Here she shares the products and inspiration of the makeup she used.

Purple is a well known and often used wedding colour theme but its perfect for autumnal weddings. You can dress it up or down makeup wise. You can go big or go small and both ways look perfect.

With our first model I went for a very minimal style, a little Meghan Markle-esk.

Achieving the best ‘no-makeup’ makeup look is all about the base. I used a highly moisturising primer, Too Faced Hangover Primer, mixed in with an illuminator, MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream. This combination is perfect for creating that dewy finish look that we went for. Colour correcting under the eyes is great to make you look more away and feel fresher, Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach.

Contouring is a great thing for everyone, it give shape and definition to your face and also highlights your best facials features. With this look I used a cream foundation stick, Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick, in a 3 shape around the forehead, cheeks and chin area and blended out the colour for a more subtle look. For an even more dewy look I used a cream highligher, Farsali Jelly Beam, on the high points of the face eg: Cheekbones, tip of the nose, inner corner of the eye and under the brow.

Keeping this look very minimal on the eyes too I went with a very easy two colour smokey eye. A light golden shimmer on the lid, blended out with a soft matte brown, MAC Cosmetics Dazzlelight and Wedge. Topping the eye look off with a smooth, thin line of cream eyeliner, Chanel Calligraphie de Chanel Longwear Liner and a full set of thick long lashes with Loreal Paradise Mascara.

Lips are a simple one. A light neutral to blue toned pink. Too Faced La Creme Lipstick.

This look is so versatile that you can tone it town with a neutral lip colour or boost it up with a luscious dark plum lip colour.

With our second model I went for a heavier style with a matte base and smokier eye.

I used the same hydrating primer, Too Faced Hangover Primer, but used MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Foundation for the base of the look. I used a lighter shade of MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Concealer under the eyes to achieve a more highlighted look. For this look I used a heavier contour colour and powder, Nars Laguna Bronzer in the same ‘3’ shape around the face. The heavier contour will create more shape and definition around the face making it look slimmer. To make the face appear more defined I highlighted the top of the cheekbones and forehead and down the nose with a powder highlighter, BECCA Champagne Pop Highlighter.

For a heavier look on the eyes I used a dark purple on the outer corners of the lid and gradually got lighter in colour on the lid with a light golden shimmer in the inner corner of the eye and over the lid, MAC Cosmetics Shadow Lady, Star velvet, Gleam.

Creating the appearance of a bigger eye is down to the liner, make it thin but long and winged, Chanel Calligraphie de Chanel Longwear Liner. Lashes were important to this look. Elongated lashes make the eyes look bigger especially when added to the outer corners of the eyes, Sosu Luxury Lashes.

The lips are more of a berry toned pink to finish off the heavier look, lined and glossed or a more luxurious feel, Bobbi Brown Luxe Liquid Lip High Shine.

This look is easy enough to change the colours of the eye and lips and still have an extremely edgy and luxurious look.

Abbey Barnes Makeup was set up in 2015 after she graduated and fully qualified from DFMA Makeup Academy specialising in Bridal, Film, TV, Fashion and Hair. 

Abbey threw herself straight into the industry and worked on TV adverts including Gala Bingo and small, short films including 'Ella' which was nominated in The International

Film Festival. She now works mainly with proms, weddings and editorial photoshoots.

Abbey has a huge love for makeup. She uses precision and passion to create beautiful pieces of artwork for any occasion.

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