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A Very Merry Indie Christmas Gift Guide

Over the past few years I've been slowly changing the way that I shop for Christmas. From starting Christmas prep earlier and earlier, to buying my pressies from local, independent and small businesses or making gifts myself. I like to make at least two or three gifts each Christmas and then alongside perhaps something small and cute from a indie store. I've had more time on my hands this year with COVID, however haven't even started so I need to get a wiggle on. But for those gifts that aren't made by my fair hands (lucky recipients!), I love to trust local makers to deliver the goods!

I think that with 2020 being a little bit less than ideal, this Christmas it is so important not to go overboard. Not just from a financial point of view, but if you are like me, you'll have spent time going through your home, getting rid and decluttering. So now is the time to fill your home and those of your family and friends with treasures that mean something special. So that is why I wanted to bring to you this little guide of finding magical gifts that will not only mean the world to the recipient, but also to those you are purchasing from and will create not just a happier home filled with joy, but will also make that person you bought from do a little happy dance...


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