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10 Things To Do On What Would Have Been Your Wedding Day

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

So with one of my lovely couples weddings due to be held next Saturday (today was supposed to be spent folding napkins!) I thought about a lovely list of things to do on what would have been your wedding day might be essential. I've shared some with my couples but thought I'd do the same here ❤️

1. Write down 10 reasons you are happy and what you love about each other and tell each other over a picnic (inside or use your 30 mins outdoor freedom)

2. Bake together. Try and create your cake that you will have at your wedding. It will be delicious (maybe) and although it probably won't end up like the cake you're having, it is a fun thing to try and do and create memories.

3. Make a playlist of gorgeous and cheesy songs, play it loud and proud and dance around.

4. Do something that will make a memory, whether it is starting and finishing a difficult puzzle, starting your own gin, or learning a craft via youtube, you will feel amazing for achieving something together.

5. Get on zoom, house party or the like and invite lots of your guests into your home and have a virtual party.

6. Wake up, do your makeup, hair and put something utterly special on. I don't know about you but quarantine wardrobe is pretty schmultzy and comfy. Really make an effort and wear something special for breakfast for eachother.

7. Look through your photos, and reminisce over a big bottle of bubbles or 3 (hey, you've got that big delivery from majestic anyway!) .

8. Get outside, potter, plant something and watch it grow over the next few weeks or months. Sunflowers could be a fun project!

9. Deliver speeches over dinner to one another that would have been said. Use candle light, no phones, really connect with one another, touching, holding hands. It's been a stressful time, so knowing you both care and love eachother is more important than ever.

10. Do something, anything you both love and share a passion for. Is that painting? Do a portrait of one another. Cooking? Do a Ready Steady cook with what is in your pantry. Hanging out with friends? Get them on house party for charades and a quiz.

I'd love to hear what you'll be doing on your special day Round One! Send photos or videos and tag us in them!

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