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Flowers to me speak of nature, beauty and are the starting point of a wedding. I think about the seasons, the colours, the scents. I envisage what the tables will look like, the aisle, the bouquets. Flowers have their own languages, one of joy, of happiness, of playfulness and of secrete messages and sentiments that are found in history. Rosemary for instance for me sings of nostalgia, of earthiness as well as remembrance and is a wonderful addition to scent a centrepiece.

As a floral designer and event stylist, I believe that these two elements go intrinsically hand in hand and is why I am proud to be able to offer the two elements to you. You may not need a stylist with your venue, however knowing that you are booking a floral designer with a keen understanding for the overall look and design of the wedding is key to a cohesive and beautiful look. 

Sitting down at my kitchen table, creating and crafting your style is all about the five senses. Making sure that guests have something exciting for their eyes as well as their noses with beautifully curated floral designs, colour palettes, and small touches that are bespoke to you and your wedding design. I love to work on weddings and events that bring beauty to the forefront and really appreciate the end result as well as where they source their pieces for their wedding too.

Where I can and season dependent, I work with local growers and British flower growers to bring you your floral dreams, whether that is a flowing and wild bouquet, sweet buttonhole, or an archway tumbling with your favourite scented flowers. Of course, if there are certain flowers you love but are not in season, I will always offer you an alternative that could work that is British, but should your heart be set on stunning sunflowers in the heart of winter then I will work with my suppliers abroad to see what we can do.

All my work is foam-free and I try to be as environmentally sound as possible, always learning new ways to accommodate your requests in the most eco-friendly possible way. 

As creating beautiful flowers for your event can be time-consuming as you can imagine, you can book this as a separate element to your day, or with the styling service. As yet, I haven't been able to include with my Partial Planning or my On the Day Co-ordination packages as there isn't enough time on the day to do everything. However, should you wish to have me as your planner and coordinator on the day instead, I have so many wonderful florist recommendations I am more than happy to share with you.

You might not know what you would like, what you can afford, or you might have the exact idea in your mind or mood board. Either way, we will meet via Zoom or in-person to chat through the options and I will create a bespoke quote for you based on what you are looking for or your budget. 

To enquire please do head to the contact form or pop an email over to me with your wedding date, some ideas and we can arrange a free initial chat.

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Whatever the size of your wedding, and whatever the stage you are presently at, a florist can help you work through your ideas and create a cohesive, beautiful look that removes the stress.

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